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Thanks Caroline!

"Caroline Florentin amazed me by her pragmatic and operational side and by her great responsiveness. She immediately understood and integrated my needs, constraints and requirements (many!), And quickly found me many seminar locations, each more attractive than the other, and I had the luxury of having only to choose, realizing the saving of time and research that I had just realized.

In addition, I very quickly perceived his obstinacy and his great interpersonal and commercial qualities. Thanks to her, I got discounts and other benefits that I would not have gone to negotiate. Thanks Caroline!


I will call on her, without a shadow of a doubt, for the organization of my next seminars, and in particular for the on-site management.

If there is something that we underestimate in the time-consuming and energy-consuming aspect, it is that. Organization of meals, taking into account everyone's diets and dietary restrictions, room layout and functionality, various technical aspects, specific requests from participants, coordination with the reception area for breaks, drinks, snacks, consumables in all kinds, room openings and closings, reception of participants, administrative aspects on site…. and so much!


To be successful as a trainer, you have to be concerned only with its content and its participants. And for that, it is necessary to have a management on site.

For the comfort of the participants and their learning conditions, the least of their training-related concerns must be taken into account. And for that, it is necessary to have a management on the spot ".

—  Camille Lagrenaudie, Coach et Formateur 

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