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Engagement of receptive places on the following criteria:



  • Compliance with local and national laws (environment, hygiene, safety)


  • The seminar rooms and reception areas benefit from the same environmental approach as the rest of the establishment


  • Limitation of heating / cooling in common areas (temperature regulation by thermostat,…)


  • At least 50% of the windows of heated buildings are fitted with double or triple glazing


  • Equipment of at least 75% of bulbs of energy class A, A + or A ++


  • Reasoned watering


  • Hazardous waste is all eliminated by the process reserved for them


  • Drastic reduction in individual packaging (fruit juice, pastries, coffee, etc.)


  • Elimination of the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers


  • Display of eco-gestures and / or awareness documentation encouraging customers to save water and energy

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